Game: Arthurian Legends
Developer: Keith Scolaro
Release Date: September 2017
Platforms: PC
Regular Price: TBD


Arthurian Legends is a medieval first person action game set in the land of Albion during a time of myth and legend. Uther Pendragon, a once righteous king turned petty and cruel, banished magic from Albion and exiled those who practiced what he decreed as 'the old religion'. The exiled have returned to Albion aided by Saxons spreading a plague of darkness across the land. Battle hordes of Saxons, demonic beasts, the undead and more in intense melee and ranged combat. Discover awesome weaponry alongside magical runes and ancient relics to aid you in your quest to save Albion from The Masters of the Old Religion.


Arthurian Legends is Inspired by the 2.5D sprite-based first person shooters of the mid-90's. Arthurian Legends is currently in Beta and has been in development by Keith Scolaro since the summer of 2016.


►Three chapters with environments ranging from forests and swamps to castles and crypts.
►Carry over ten weapons including swords, axes, fire bombs and even holy hand grenades.
►Magic runes can freeze your enemies, conjure fireballs, cast lightning storms and more.
►Discover secret areas full of items, player-enhancing ancient relics, and hidden levels.
►Gruesome combat, stab Saxons, spiders, skeletons, demonic beasts and knights in the face, set them on fire, cut off their heads or make them explode in a magnificent shower of blood and guts!


Arthurian Legends Beta Trailer

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Arthurian Legends is being developed by:

Keith Scolaro